Family Sand Ceremony

Family Sand Ceremony

How to include your kids in your ceremony....

 The Family Sand Ceremony is our favorite way to include your children in your Wedding or Vow Renewal Ceremony. Whether your children are school aged or full grown adults, selecting the Family Sand Ceremony is a great way to involve everyone and have a moment of full family participation. Each person selects their favorite color of sand. The Minister explains the meaning of the ceremony, the blending of the families or the celebration of family, and then each person takes turns going around the table, pouring their sand into the jar. When the sand ceremony is over each person sees where their color of sand is in the layers. When the jar is placed in the family room at home it is a reminder of the day and everyone's involvement.  We have done hundreds of these over the years and it is always a time of laughing and enjoying being together as family. 

sand ceremony at wedding

Christopher & Erica - Blending 2 Families in Marriage

 When Christopher and Erica booked their wedding with us we discussed their children who were attending. They each had teenage kids from previous marriages and they wanted all the kids to feel a part of the wedding ceremony and the new marriage. We talked about the Family Sand Ceremony we offer and they thought is was a great idea. As you can see in the pictures it was a fun addition to the ceremony and something they all enjoyed doing. The beautiful jar is now in their home and every time they look at it they remember this special moment when they became a family.

Wedding Sand Ceremony

Family Sand Ceremony $50.00 Table, Pouring jars, colored sand selection and take home jar added and set up at your ceremony.