How Do We Get Started?

You’re Engaged! Congratulations! Take a look at our packages and then reach out by phone, email or use the contact form on this website. Dates book up quickly so don’t wait. We will look at dates and answer any questions you might have. Once a date has been finalized we will email you the Hold the Date Invoice and an Agreement. A non refundable deposit towards the package price (stated in the package descriptions) and a signed agreement are required to hold your date. The balance of your package is due 45 days before your ceremony date. It’s simple and stress-free. We give you the date, time, location, maps, print out of your package details all within minutes of you booking with us. No waiting for info about your own ceremony. We know you need to order invitations and have peace of mind. We also don’t stop answering the phone once you’re booked with us. Call or email anytime.

What About Rain?

They say “Rain is Good Luck on your Wedding Day,” and it might be, but it can really mess up the plans for being outside on the beach if it pours. Each year we officiate over 250 ceremonies and at least 20 of them will unfortunately have rain. Should there be a high percentage of rain in the forecast for the time of your ceremony, we will call you at 9:30am the morning of your ceremony and discuss moving the ceremony inside our venue.  We go over this with you when you call us or book with us. 

We're Coming From Another State - Will This Be Stressful?

Not with us!  Read the reviews. When you book a beach wedding or vow renewal with us we go over every detail with you over the phone in a conference call with both of you  Once you have selected your package and we have agreed upon the date, the time and the location of your ceremony, you don’t need to do a thing involving your actual ceremony. This gives you time for all the other things (invitations, clothing, accommodations) on the list. On your ceremony day you will show up, walk out onto the beach and have the ceremony you have dreamed about. You will know exactly where to go, where to park, how to make your grand entrance, etc. 

What is the Best Time of Day for a Ceremony on the Beach?

We can do indoor or Gazebo ceremonies at almost any time. For beach ceremonies, the set up rules, the time of year, tide charts and the weather can all determine the best time for a ceremony on the beach. 6:00 pm is ideal. Some people ask us about sunset ceremonies and we remind them that in South Carolina (the East Coast) the sun does not set over the ocean. Those Pinterest pictures are beautiful but here the sun sets behind the hotels in the West, shading the beach. The sky over the ocean can have pretty color in it around sunset, but it’s really better to select a time on the beach when there is sunlight for your pictures.  When we speak on the phone and discuss your desired date we will steer you to the absolute best time of day for your ceremony. 

Can We Bring Our Own Minister or Photographer?

We are able to offer such affordable prices by “keeping it in the family.” We are a family business and along with a few great friends we all work together to give you beautiful photography and excellent service with our Officiants. All you have to do is read our reviews. So, the answer is no. Trust in our years of experience. Guests are welcome to use their cellphones to take pictures or video during your ceremony but we ask them to not walk around and possibly photobomb your professional pictures.  If you have a Minister in the family they are welcome to read or say a prayer at your ceremony but not officiate the wedding.

What About Locations?

 We are located in Myrtle Beach, SC and tend to stick with Myrtle Beach as the place we hold ceremonies. We do inside ceremonies in Myrtle Beach and the Gazebo is in Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach does not allow weddings on the beach in all areas and we can email you a list of hotels and condos so you can book one on the beach if you would like to hold your ceremony right outside of your hotel in an approved location. Or you can stay where you would like to stay and meet us at a location on the beach near you where weddings on the beach are allowed. No permits are ever needed in Myrtle Beach.

Same Sex Weddings?

We joyfully officiate weddings and vow renewals for Same Sex Couples.

Justice of the Peace Information

 Come stand in front of one of our flower walls and say your vows and sign the marriage license. For those couples who would like to get married without any fanfare​. Ceremony Components Included:

  • ​Minister officiates and signs the SC Marriage License that the couple obtains from a South Carolina Courthouse. Minister sends the couple home with their marriage license and gets the other 2 copies back to the courthouse for filing
  • Held Monday – Saturday during business hours at the offices of ABWC. Not held out on the beach.
  • Minister will use couple’s camera to take a picture afterwards
  • Couple Only (your small kids are welcomed) 
  • $75.00 for the signing only
  • Add a small scripted ceremony to the signing – $50.00 (total $125)

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