Questions & Answers about A Myrtle Beach Wedding

Some common questions by couples and our answers

Q: Why should I select A Beach Wedding Ceremony over the rest?

A: Well, we started this business years ago when we had a bad experience with our own beach wedding here in Myrtle Beach. So, we have been there. Not everyone always has your best interest at hand. We take phone calls a few times a season from crying brides who can't get in touch with the Minister or company they have already paid a deposit to and we want to cry with them. There are no excuses for that  We are highly organized and we answer the phone and return many times as you call or email. Read the detailed reviews couples write about us on Facebook and Google. Their words are the reason you should reach out and trust us with your ceremony.  We are professionals and we take the fact that it's your special day and your hard earned money very seriously. The last thing you should worry about on your wedding day is if we will show up. We do and we will...with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts.

Q: Can you get our South Carolina Marriage License for us?

A: Well, we can take one of the two required visits to the courthouse out of the picture for you. In SC there is a 2 visit/24 hour turn around for obtaining your license. We can go to the first visit so when you are in Myrtle Beach you only need to go together to the courthouse once to pick the license up. This requires you to do a little work on your end in your hometown and a post office visit, but it saves a lot of time and driving once you are here in Myrtle Beach. Reach out and we can go over this process with you. 

Q. How does a beach wedding actually work?

A. When you book a beach wedding or vow renewal with us we first go over every detail with you over the phone in a conference call with both of you and Jennifer. Once you have selected your package and we have agreed upon the date, the time and the location of your ceremony, you don't need to do a thing involving your actual ceremony. This gives you time for all the other things (invitations, clothing, accommodations) on the list. On your ceremony day you will show up, walk out onto the beach and have the ceremony you have dreamed about. You will know exactly where to go, where to park, how to make your grand entrance, etc. You will have picked the ceremony script you would like, the sand colors and we will have gone over every single detail of your package. There are no surprises. Two of our packages come with an on site rehearsal for your bridal party so they know how to walk out and where to stand. We make it easy and stress free for everyone involved.

Q: Which is better, a morning ceremony or an evening ceremony?

A: They are both great. It depends on the package you are interested in and the rules of the beach for set up. If you are interested in using an arbor and chairs we cannot start the set up time until 5:00 pm during the peak season per the rules. This means an evening ceremony for you (6:00 pm or after) Some people ask us about sunset ceremonies and we remind them that in South Carolina (the East Coast) the sun does not set over the ocean. Those Pinterest pictures are beautiful but here the sun sets behind the hotels in the West, shading the beach. The sky over the ocean can have pretty color in it around sunset, but it's really better to select a time on the beach when there is sunlight for your pictures. 

Q: What is the best location and can we have a ceremony in front of our hotel or condo?

A: Our absolute favorite location is The Myrtle Beach State Park and it's adjoining beach. This location has a great mix of features such as wide sand areas for set up, pretty walkouts for the bridal party entrance and pictures, lots of parking, nice clean restrooms, a pier, a gift shop with snacks and beverages and no hotels to create large crowds or shading of the beach in the late afternoon and evening. We love this location. We have lots of other locations we can discuss with you for Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach does not allow weddings on the beach in all areas such as in front of your hotel. We can let you know if your hotel is on the OK list for a ceremony on the beach, or if you will need to meet us at another location such as the State Park. The City makes these rules, not us. If you are staying in North Myrtle Beach (separate city from Myrtle Beach) or Surfside or Garden City, we can come to your hotel or rented home/condo. The rules there are different. 

Q: Do you offer other services not included in your packages such as hair, make-up, etc.?

A: When you book with us we will then provide you with a list of our favorite vendors for other services. However you can choose to book any other vendors you would like to with your own internet search.  

Q: What is required to reserve our date and how to we do this?

A: A non refundable deposit towards the package price (stated in the package descriptions) and a signed agreement are required to hold your date. The balance of your package is due 30 to 45 days before your ceremony date depending on the package you have selected. To find out if we have your date available please use the form on this website or give us a call. 

Q: How far in advance should I reserve my date?

A: We recommend reserving your beach wedding as soon as you have a date. Although we do accept last minute requests, they are subject to availability and some of the services you request may not be available. We book up quickly for the Summer and Fall months. 

Q. Can you tell us about the included Photography and about what is a Copyright Release and how does that work?

A: We include professional photography in most of our packages. We take non stop pictures throughout the ceremony and then posed pictures of the couple and the couple and guests afterwards. Your images will be edited/retouched for lighting and density to ensure they are of the highest quality. Unlike many photographers, we allow our clients to have their digital images with a copyright release. The copyright release we provide allows you unlimited personal use and reproduction of your images. You are free to print them, e-mail them, put them on your social media accounts, etc.  You can do just about anything except sell them, enter them in photo contests, use them for any type of monetary gain or advertising, or claim that you took them.

Q: What if it rains?

A: Luckily this does not happen very often. If the radar shows a very high percentage of rain on a couples day we will contact them in the morning and go over what we discussed about rain in our conference call at booking.  We can move the ceremony to another day with less chance of rain, or we can keep the day as planned and move the ceremony into our indoor wedding venue.  All of this is covered in our agreement and discussed fully when you first inquire with us. We will not say "too bad, bring an umbrella"  as we have heard some say. There is also no extra charge for moving the ceremony indoors. We will all work together to move ahead as planned without letting the rain ruin the day. 

Q: Who officiates for us?

A. We have a great team of Ministers at A Beach Wedding Ceremony. We will introduce you to the Minister who will officiate for you and you will be able to talk with him or her and get to know them long before your special day.