Myrtle Beach Wedding Officiant

Myrtle Beach Wedding Officiant Jennifer Willis


 If you have just become engaged...congratulations to you! If you are married and are looking to renew your vows...congratulations to you also! I am excited you are researching us!

​​​​   I'm Minister Jennifer, Myrtle Beach Wedding Officiant, owner of A Beach Wedding Ceremony, and person who loves to laugh and enjoy life.  I became a Minister/Officiant so I could marry couples on the beach where I think the atmosphere is the best there is for celebrating your love and tying the knot. I enjoy every day that I can be out on the beach, helping another couple seal their love with a ceremony on the sand. 

   I created by business for those who are looking for a stress free way to get married and to not spend every penny you or your parents have in doing so. If you read our reviews you will see where couples talk about how easy it all was for them. They got dressed and showed up. You'll also read about the prices and how we go the extra mile to include everything you need for the perfect ceremony on the beach. Our gallery shows you pictures that either Scott, Abby or I have is included saving you hundreds of dollars.

   About me personally, favorite food is nachos and if I can eat them while looking at the ocean I am happy as can be! I love to read, walk on the beach, travel  and spend time with my family. (husband Scott and daughters Abby and Carly) I'm a people person, a Netflix lover, an animal lover, a fan for women's rights and a non-lover of cold weather, bullying and spiders. Did I say I love nachos? :)​    


   ​Thanks for stopping on my website and if you're looking to get married or renew your wedding vows, reach out to me and let's start to create your beautiful beach wedding ceremony. 

Love and Peace to you,

​Minister Jennifer Willis

Myrtle Beach Wedding Officiant 
Jennifer Willis performing a beach wedding.

Myrtle Beach Wedding Officiant 

Jennifer Willis performing a beach wedding.

Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographer

Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographer Scott K.


I'm Scott, Jennifer's better half and Photographer at A Beach Wedding Ceremony. Glad you have gotten this far and are interested in who I am! ;)

I look forward to meeting couples out on the beach and taking pictures of their special day. We always have a good time out there and I hope to see your smiles behind my cameras soon.

My wife has reminded me to tell you a little about myself.....I enjoy reading Stephen King while drinking a cold IPA out on the beach under an umbrella. It's even better if Jennifer and my daughters are there too and we have a cooler full of sandwiches, chips and brownies. Life is good here in Myrtle Beach.

Thanks again and don't hesitate to reach out to either Jennifer or I if you have questions. We appreciate you!


Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographer Scott K. and Jennifer at The Knot Wedding Gala in NYC.

Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographer Scott K. and Jennifer at The Knot Wedding Gala in NYC.

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