To Get Married on the Beach in South Carolina you must have a South Carolina Marriage License

South Carolina Marriage License

How to Get Your South Carolina Marriage License

You can get your SC Marriage License at any court house in the State of  South Carolina and be married at the beach. In South Carolina marriage licences are issued by the Probate Court in each County. You MUST have a  SC Marriage License before the ceremony starts to be legally wed. It's the law. You can get the Marriage License at the Horry County courthouse which is the courthouse for Myrtle Beach.

Applying for a South Carolina Marriage License in Horry County 

(the H is silent, say "orry" pronounced like story)

  • Both applicants must appear in person
  • No proof of age (birth certificate) is required as long as you are 25 years old or older. 
  • If  you are 18 to 24 years old you will need  to prove your age by bringing  one of the following: Drivers License or Military ID card or Passport  or Visa or a Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate
  • If you are under the age of 18 you must have Parental Consent (see the Horry County website for instructions)
  • No blood test is required
  • No divorce papers are required
  • There  is a 24 hour waiting period to process the license. This means you will  go to the court house twice. Once to apply and once to pick the completed license up.

Fees for SC Marriage License

$50 for all Horry County Residents

$75 for South Carolina Residents 

$115 (Cash or Money Order for out of State Residents)


Horry County Probate Court

1301 2nd Avenue

Conway, SC 29526

(843) 915-5370

Hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 am until 4:30 pm (you must arrive no later than 4:00 pm)

How Minister Jennifer can help you obtain your SC Marriage License.

If  you are coming into town for your vacation/ceremony, Minister Jennifer can help you spend more time on the beach by helping you obtain your South Carolina Marriage License by taking one of  the two visits to the courthouse out of the picture. Contact us today  to find out more about this service. (843) 213-2556.